Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rising Concert Ticket Prices: A Form of Price Gouging

Concert ticket prices every year are increasing at a high rate making it incredibly unaffordable for the average consumer. According to Pollstar, a company that provides music-industry related data, concert ticket prices have grown by 61 percent, while the Consumer Price Index (the measure of the price of all consumer goods) increased by just 13 percent. Artists today are charging an average of about $75 to $300 per concert ticket. Acts that have a large fan base, through many years in the music industry, are charging the highest amount for concert tickets. The high increase in ticket prices has a lot to do with artist’s income decline from low sales of recorded music-due to music downloading off the internet. Concert tours in the past were a way for artists to promote themselves to increase record sales. But, today high ticket costs are needed to make more money off the tours in order to balance the decrease in CD sales.

Recent comments made on two blogs pertaining to high concert ticket prices and retaliation by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon can be found at:

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Ozzfest for free is a great idea and ticket distribution could be problematic. A free concert will create a very high demand for tickets from the fans. The main distribution of the concert tickets will be through the internet at Websites of various sponsors for the tour. Ozzy will be the headlining artist and several other bands are expected to perform including Alice in Chains. The other artists besides Ozzy will not be expected to perform through out the entire tour. The Ozzfest brain trust and tour producer Live Nation will ask corporate sponsors to help cover some of the costs of the free tour. Also, additional revenue will come from food and souvenir concessions that will probably have increased prices during the tour. The statement that Ozzfest and the artists performing are making to the music industry is an important and groundbreaking one. The fans and artists are taking back the power by not putting up with the price gouging that is happening through Ticketmaster and the concert promoter conglomerate known as Clear Channel Entertainment. Rock on Ozzy and Sharon!


The free Ozzfest tour is going to be a very ground breaking and incredible event. Ozzy Osbourne has been in the music business for many years and he has a huge fan base. This event will go down in history and will be an event remembered by everyone, especially the fortunate fans that will attend. A concert of this magnitude that will tour the country for free has never been attempted. This is a great way to say to the monopolistic promoters that the artists and the fans are not going to put up with the outrageous ticket prices that keep increasing every year. The fans are tired of the price gouging and so are the artists. The artists know if they continue to charge outrageously high ticket prices, their fans will not be able to afford to attend the concerts. The hard rock artists will especially get hit the hardest because their fans are usually younger and don’t have as much disposable income. Rock on Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and thanks for watching out for your fans!


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