Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Music: It Makes the World Go 'Round

Music has always been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I loved listening to music as a child and through out all my years. Music has a power to affect my mood within that moment of listening. There is that power to change a sad moment to a happy one, just by listening to a song that elevates my spirit and uplifts my soul. My mood may also be happy and instantly change to sad, by listening to a song that connects me to a sad memory or brings me back to a particular time in my life of feeling sad. Everyone has been affected by music in this sense and this is a very powerful phenomena. I have always felt a connection with music and music is a passion that engulfs my spirit. I can completely divulge myself into a song and not have any other thought in my mind or worry-just a feeling of contentment and awareness of only the notes played by each instrument, and the song’s melody to be my main focus. This experience can be through listening to a song, without being a participant in playing an instrument, but only a sponge absorbing the complete sound of the song. To play an instrument is also an incredible feeling that engulfs my complete spirit and is an amazing creative outlet. The action of strumming a guitar and having my physical body help produce a beautiful sound, by playing the instrument, is amazing. To be free of stress and heavy thoughts, and only focus on my fingers picking the notes, my hand strumming the strings, and my ears listening to the sound of the music, can be a spiritual experience. The feeling can be almost meditative, with that rush of energy and lightness of the soul that is like no other type of experience.
Musicians have the ability to affect others in a powerful way and people can become very emotional and full of passion when experiencing a live concert. Concert goers can do very extreme things while being “moved” by the music. Women throw their underwear at rock stars and men dance in "mosh pits." Women can faint by the site of certain musicians and men want to be like the rock stars they see on stage. The lyrics in songs can also have a very profound effect on the listeners. Rock stars can send a message to the world through their lyrics. Songs can speak of politics, love, hate, death, and anything people can relate to, and have millions of listeners that are affected by the song. Artists like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix (above image) had the ability to “move” people and they still do today, even after they are dead. NeilYoung (left image) can be very political in his lyrics and people really listen to what he has to say in his music. Some artists are able to affect the public more than the President or any politicians. This type of power and phenomena that is involved in music, musicians, and fans is very appealing to me and I love being around this type of energy and genre.
Everyone needs a creative outlet and a sense of feeling connected to something, and music has always been that for me. People should do what’s in their heart and soul and not be afraid to follow their dreams. Our souls can become lifeless and without passion if we don’t follow some type of dream or have some sort of creative outlet. Life is about really living and realizing who we truly are inside. What are the things that we love in life and what really makes us happy. Everyone needs something like this to relate to and give them the drive to keep on living. Music has always fulfilled these feelings for me, and to work in a field with something I love is a “dream come true.” I don’t want to be miserable doing a job I hate, just to bring home a paycheck everyday. Money is important, but it is not truly living if you hate what you do. I will always love music, whether it’s playing an instrument, just listening to a song, enjoying a concert, or working in the music industry as a business person. Music is my life and my joy, and without it my flame would be forever dim and lifeless.

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